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Hidden Facers is a story I wrote in 2020 that I've slowly been realizing as a webcomic. Taking place in a country where all aspects of one's identity—job, spouse, hobbies, address—are determined by the state, it follows a rebellious young guy who develops passion for someone he shouldn't and gets wrapped up in a big secret that the country has been keeping from its people.

I wrote it entirely based on my own whims and it's the least marketable thing ever, so I don't promote it much. If I had to give it a genre I'd say it's Sci-Fi/Romance or maybe Political Fiction lol. The protagonist and his love interest are both guys, I don't know to call it BL since there will be female protagonists later on but for now I guess it is. It has adult themes and a little horror/gore. The free version is mostly SFW but the Patreon version is explicit. The tone is all over the place but I promise that will all come together by the end.

My ultimate goal is to make three stories within this universe (Hidden Facers being the first). Kinda like a trilogy of books, each exploring different aspects of the world while being tied together through reappearing characters. During lockdown I used to update with one chapter per month, but I've had to slow down since then. Now I just update at my own pace. I think it would take a ridiculous amount of time to tell all three stories, but I'll give it a try, we'll see!

I want to add some pages with info on the characters and worldbuilding, but there's nothing here right now. If it sounds like your cup of tea, you can find the free version on Webtoon and Tapas, and the NSFW version on Patreon. Although I don't update much now so I can't in good faith say the Patreon is a good deal. ┐(゚ ~゚ )┌